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Behavioural 1:1 Consultations

These can cover a wide variety of behavioural issues including:
Reactivity and aggression.
Nervousness and lack of confidence.
Separation and issues in the home.
Excessive barking/jumping.
Issues with other dogs or humans.
Aggression and reactivity.
Over arousal and frustration.

My aim is to help you understand your dog better. Once we start to understand why our dog is behaving the way they do then it's a lot easier to find suitable strategies and techniques to help our dogs cope better in our world. I support both ends of the lead as I understand the effects our dogs behaviour can have on us too. Dogs can be hard work, challenging and frustrating but together we can improve your relationship and make having a dog enjoy, fun and rewarding just as it should be.

"I will help you to understand what is causing your dogs behavioural issue then come up with techniques to help resolve the underlying issues that are producing these behaviours."

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