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The Canine Clinic

The Canine Clinic is run by myself and Veterinary Physiotherapist Tanya Sprunks. We have been working together for over 12 months producing talks, lectures, workshops and a dedicated Clinic to help bridge the links between Pain and Behavioural Issues in dogs.

If you'd like more information on what we offer just drop me a message or visit Tanya's website....

What is The Dog Geeks?

The Dog Geeks is an online Training & Behaviour support platform run by myself and my colleagues Dawn Spence & Rebecca Hanlon. Join us for everything you need to know about raising dogs. We have sections on lead walking, puppies, recall, health & wellbeing, trick training, scent work, Parkour, nutrition, tackling unwanted behaviours, body language, FREE live Q&A sessions, live classes, presentations and webinars. The subscription to the platform is normally £15.99 a month (cancel any time) but if you click this link it will give you a free month...


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