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Speak Dog with Ruth Haynes
Certified Trainer & Canine Behaviourist

Qualifications & Experience

- Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour ISCP
- Level 3 Diploma in Canine First Aid
- UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter
- PPG Member
- ICAN Member

- Professional Dog Businesses UK Member
- Certified Dog Parkour Instructor - IDPKA
- Certified Hoopers Instructor - CHUK
- Certified UK Scent Sport Instructor
- UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor
- Certified Dog Parkour Instructor - All Dogs Parkour
- Puppy Lab - SoCS
- Impulse Control - IMDT
- Reactive Dogs - Canine Principles
- Nutrition & Behaviour - SoCS
- Mantrailing Level 1 - Mantrailing UK
Countryside Skills Instructor - Instructor for dog classes for
The National Trust, Devon

Voluntary Work

- Animals in Distress
- Pheonix French Bulldog Rescue
- Ground Searcher for Drone Search And Rescue




I am passionate about educating people to understand their dogs and their behaviours. I will use my education, experience and skills to show people how to improve the lives of their dogs using positive reinforcement and free/force free methods only. My ethics are strong and I will not harm or inflict fear on any animal. I will encourage people to do the same for the welfare of the animals we choose to have in our lives.

 My Mission

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